Growing up,(even tho i’m 14) i wrote a lot.

As writing i mean writing creatively. I would love writing in school. I wasn’t always the best with grammar and pronunciation, but when i turned my work in i would always get a “wonderful job” I always knew it was what she was suppose to say, cause she was my teacher.

In 2013 i became homeschooled in the middle of fifth grade, right when Chridtmas break ended. I began to write and understand things ALOT more. Like when i say alot i mean im going from almost failimg every grade i was in to making straight As whike also chasing my dream and having time for Robert (check one of my recents to figure out who robert is) and friends.

My first year of being homeschooled, my moms friend was teaching a class about writing. Of course I took it. I went, I learned a bit.

One day i wrote a paragraph, i got lazy, i didnt write how I could if i actually tried. My “teacher” didnt like me. She got mad at how lazy i wrote. She knew I could do so much better.

Her support on that one paper, her support knowing i could do so much better, that support changed my decisions on writing. I never thought i’d have my own blog, or people would actually love my writings. I never thought anything about my career being writing.

I don’t want my career to be writing but if that’s what i’m meant to be i’m not complaining. I write at least every other day unless i’m sick, or can’t find anything to write about.

For me, writing is a hobby where you express feelings you couldn’t if you were face to face, and that’s just amazing to me what a few words can do.

I enjoy writing every single word and i hope you enjoy my writings.:)

My dream

You may think after years and years of growing up and being successful at all these hobbies, that this is what you wanna do.

Growing up, i didn’t really have a lot of hobbies but gymnastics. I loved to play softball, i wasn’t the best at it. I’d love to sing and entertain people, never knew how to start theatre or anything.

In 2015, I auditioned for my very first play. I didn’t know anyone that was auditioning. I really didn’t think i was going to get in.

Surprisingly, I got in. I really enjoyed going somewhere other than my bed, for at least five days a week, working for 3-4 hours a day.

Little did i know how chaotic theatre was…

If you know ANYTHING about theatre it’s that you always have to be ready.

When we moved into the theatre we ran the show and then guest started to arrive to watch it. I remember thinking my first show i wanna do this forever.

So after we run the show for three and a half weeks, we say a goodbye.

At this moment i was twelve and my birthday party was the first weekend of may. I invited a bunch of people from the show.

They all came and it felt like family. My family was here. I knew then that my place to be is theatre, any theatre. I thought as long as i’m singing and dancing i’m content.

The more shows i do the more chaotic it gets. People think anyone can do theatre but honestly it takes guts to stand up on that theatre stage and say a line you rehearsed for a week, especially with a auditorium filled with people. Theatre isn’t about acting, it’s about being in character, if your meant to be mad, be mad as all get out. Theatre is a live performance of a movie. That means there will be mistakes and there will be cuts. You have to be good enough to cover up your mistakes.

When i say theatre is chaotic i mean it. You have to stay quiet when a huge huge huge, lemme tell you a HUGE prop goes over your toe in theatre and your performing. You have to stay quiet, you have to act like nothing happened, and you have to stay in character.

I don’t want to be famous in dramatic arts. I just want to help others with the dream i had and still have as a kid. By that i will go to school to be a drama teacher and it will all be worth it.


I find myself thinking “i wanna go home, i wanna go home” especially when i’m at my house.

There are million of sayings that go with home.

What do i really mean when i say i wanna go home? I might mean i’m homesick for a place i’ve never been. I might mean i wanna go somewhere that makes me feel at home. Somewhere other.

I am currently figuring out what i mean by home. When i think of home i think of my closest friends. Now i’m not going to say their real names but for instance one person i think of is my boyfriend. When i’m with him i feel at home with his presence. Let’s say i’m with a friend named Lily, she’s is one of my closest people, known her ALL my life. When we are together I feel at home.

So maybe when i say i want to go home i mean i want to be with people who constantly lifting me up and people who keep me happy. I truly believe we can be “home” whenever we feel safe with someone or something.

When I feel like i’m home, i stay positive, i open my eyes and see what i have in front of me, i become more and more thankful everyday.

Friends becoming family, family become bigger. Being home is such a great feeling, but only when you have your head up.


How do you show your love in a relationship?

  • Acts of kindness?
  • Physical touch?

There are so many different ways to show your love in a relationship but these are the two I want to talk about today.

When you show someone you love them it’s called act of kindness, also know as act of love. When you are doing these things you are literally doing what the title of the action says. When we do these acts of kindness or so called love, we give others not only attention but we care for them a bit more than others. Although we are told to care for each other equally, we always seem to love one more than another.

Physical touch isn’t always a good thing, but it’s definitely not a bad thing. Even me at a young age I thought i can’t wait to have a boyfriend, so we can do all that cheesy stuff like holding hands and smile at each other all the time. I honestly think that goes through almost every little kids mind. So little over a year ago I had my first boyfriend, didn’t know how dating worked and all this. Well he really liked physical touch and so anytime he had a chance he would hold my hand or just touch me because He wanted to physically touch me. Ya know?

Moving on about 7 months after we broke up me and my boyfriend, at the moment, broke up. I met this guy from choir and from my past relationship i was so used to physical touch and talking all the time i didn’t know what to do with my self…he was not. So on the date of September 8, this guy, let’s call him robert, asked me to a football game and then shortly asked me out that night.

The next few weeks we talked and to be honest in the beginning of the relationship I felt like it wouldn’t last long, because i’ve always thought that talking all the time was suppose to be a thing.

I soon came to a realization talking all the time is just a choice, not a must. I decided not to talk to him about it because I knew that if you were in a relationship you would have to try new things out and take it as you get it.

Four more months into the relationship and i find myself loving every minute that we talk and don’t.

Physical touch and talking twenty-four/seven isn’t a must. It’s a choice. I’m happy with my choice.

Sunday Mornings

There’s something about Sunday mornings that keeps me happy. Sunday’s are probably my favorite day of the week.

Every Sunday I usually sing in a praise band, but this Sunday i’m not singing in praise band. Now, just because i’m singing in praise band, doesn’t mean i’m doing it for myself. I’m not only doing it for me, or the church, cause if i weren’t doing it all they would give us karaoke tracks to sing off of. I sing because that is my special talent, and I was made to use my special talent wether or not I’m seriously good at it or not.

Another thing about Sunday mornings, I usually wake up with a bunch load of energy and since some people in my family have been sick lately, i have felt energized. Maybe it’s cause I haven’t dug into His Word.

You see when you dig into His Word you don’t only do a portion of what you’ve been told, you put it to your life and become more like Him and you begin to have the fruit of the spirit.

Let’s say i’m in need of some patience, which let’s face it everyone needs some patience, when I have my quiet time i’ll pray for patience. You may ask “Well have you received what you’ve asked for” Well that depends. wether or not I truly read and apply His Word to my life.

He is a mighty one and if you are true to him, you will get what you ask for. Stay strong and read deeper!!

I also teach children’s church every Sunday!


When we share something out of the ordinary, we come out of comfort and that’s why we need others to comfort us to make us feel that what we are doing is right. As we grow we make decisions we aren’t comfortable with. After you make that decision, wether is was for good or bad, your most likely to either praise yourself for getting out of you comfort zone or beat yourself up about it. A comfort zone is nothing but a buddy holding you back, now i’m not saying live life on the edge, sometimes this buddy is a good o’pal. Sometimes it feels good to get out of your comfort zone. I’ve learned that the chance you never thought you would take is waiting for someone else to take it. What I mean by that is: people look up to you, right? Your moves impact their whole life. If you take the right chance they will make the right choice. Choose where your comfort goes, I know we can’t change a lot about our past but we can prepare now for where our future may go.


I love you can simply make someone’s day, but how do you tell other you love them? through acts of kindness? verbally? telling them what they mean to you? saying i love you can mean nothing to you until you meet the right person. you see, we trick ourselves into loving someone who we think is attractive. just because we want to feel loved by an attractive human being. it’s just as simple as that, but until we find what love means to us, there really isn’t a reason for us to long for love. we can have boyfriends and girlfriends and not love them can’t we? with this generation apparently we can’t. it’s all about love in this generation. and love soon comes forward to breaking a heart, or two. but only if your not careful with it. love isn’t something to mess around with. it’s something to cherish and remind your significant other almost everyday or more